A Recommended Read

A Book Worth Your Read

Stephanie Landsem’s The Tomb: A Novel of Martha, is a unique and interesting take on Mary and Martha’s story from the New Testament. Lazarus, their brother, was the recipient of Jesus’ must stellar miracle of all—raising Lazarus from the dead.

Landsem brings a sense of reality into the variables of Martha’s hectic and troubled life and her longing to be once again with her true love. Martha’s lost love has left. It turns out he became the demon-possessed man on the southern shores of Galilee (recounted in the New Testament), seemingly forever entrapped in his own emotional prison until he encounters Jesus. Martha finds the greatest love when her faith in Christ is born.

The book’s inside cover information indicates that Landsem does not seek to “recount the historical events that took place in Bethany.” Rather the story is a “re-imagining of how Martha… might have been transformed into the faith-filled woman of John 11:22.”

I highly recommend this fascinating read.