Why I Write About Women Bible Characters


I find their stories compelling and providing many life lessons.

In these women’s stories, we visit the New Testament churches and their church communities. There no one suffered in want, no one was isolated. Members of the Way (an early name for Christianity) shared their joys and sorrows and helped each other grow in their faith walks.

Women of the Bible reveal that no one is perfect. Often they were called to ministries for which many could say, they were unqualified or ill-prepared. But God recognized their gifts and potential and helped them to develop those gifts and grow their ministry. Doubts regarding their calling and their own abilities surfaced, yet they found God’s grace more than sufficient to counter the doubts, gain confidence and successfully go forward in ministry.

Joy was abundant in their lives of faith, but for every joy, there was sorrow, loss or danger. Life under Roman rule was not easy, even dangerous, but women’s reliance on their Savior and their fellow Christians, made them strong, saw them through, often with great victory, peace and even joy.

Women who walk through the pages of the Bible also provide us with a glimpse of the time, place and culture. We view the beauty of the land. We unearth fascinating customs, very different from our own. Yet their traditions often have served as a basis for customs we practice today.

Women readers of the 21st century share many things in common with New Testament women. When we face loss, illness, gender bias, fear, doubts within our faith walks or in ourselves, we can be challenged and inspired by these women of faith. After reading their stories, we are never the same.


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